Our Values & Commitments

Our Values

Competence: We have the requisite knowledge, skills and experience in our practice areas of the law. We understand the merits and demerits of our clients’ briefs and how to leverage our resources for the best results in every brief. We undertake to make continuous improvements on our skills and capabilities to handle our clients’ briefs using optimum resources.

Communication: We will respond to phone calls and other communication as soon as they come through, and if unavailable at the moment, will return these calls, emails and messages within 24 hours. We can be relied on to be there during our clients’ most trying times.

Integrity: We will always be honest with our clients regarding the strengths and weaknesses of their briefs. We genuinely care about our clients and we enjoy making sure that everyone feels welcome as soon as they step into our office. We enjoy working together as a team to deliver solutions to our clients - we also want our clients to enjoy working with us and feel like they’re part of a great and compassionate team.

Excellence: We believe in performing at the highest possible standards in every brief we do. We undertake to give our clients world class service and surpass their expectations in all aspects of their legal representation. We work hard and we are persistent in representing our clients’ interests.

Professionalism: We commit to conduct ourselves in accordance with the Law Society of Kenya’s Digest of Professional Conduct and Etiquette, and other relevant laws and rules governing our profession.

Community: We genuinely believe that we serve great clients in a great community and we have every motivation to preserve this. We live in this community, and we understand its challenges and opportunities every day. As such, we commit to get involved in its causes and give back whenever and wherever we can.

We can confirm that we will keep growing as we undertake to provide innovative solutions to your problems and in the pursuit of justice. Our hope is that you’ll come and grow with us.

Our Commitments

  • To represent our clients in appropriate fora based on a well researched and coherent case.
  • To put our clients’ interests first and negotiate with dedication, confidence, patience and creativity.
  • To treat every case as if it were our own and make every decision as if it were being made for our own families.
  • To repay the trust given to us by our clients in putting the future of their case in our hands, by working on that case as if we had just one client.
  • To be brutally honest in informing our clients of the prospects of attaining their goals.
  • To empower our clients to make informed decisions by educating them on the legal and procedural issues involved in their case.
  • To stay abreast of recent laws, judgments and events and work hard every day to develop, practice and improve the skills necessary to deliver the highest quality results for our clients.
  • To listen and respond to our clients, colleagues, other counsel and arbiters with respect, clarity and civility.
  • To keep in touch with our clients and build long lasting relationships long after a case has been resolved.
  • To give back to our communities by initiating and supporting projects whose core objectives revolve around the improvement of our society.